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The bravest and fiercest catholic warriors, consecrated to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ; engaged in reconquering the western culture, by divine grace, through writing and cultural commentary, for the kingdom of God. Unapologetically and aggressively on the charge against liberalism, modernism, and the errors of Russia.

They are the same.

Yesterday was celebrated in the Catholic Church the feast of the spousals of the most holy virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. It is a beautiful and most hopeful event that merits its proper post. However, let that magnificent event be meanwhile the luminous introduction to the darker subject matter that will be the main interest of this article. May the marriage of the couple blessed with the mission of nurturing, educating, caring for, and raising the Christ remember to us that God delivers his people through humble and down to earth everyday persons, which offer themselves to God’s will as his instruments for bringing salvation into the valley of death; persons like Mary and Joseph, who become icons of God’s presence in this world through sacred marriage and family love. There lies the secret weapon we can use to defeat the armies of darkness, that full of hatred against God and his people, are now resolute to the destruction of every trace of the christian social order.

Additionally, today is the feast, in the new catholic calendar, of Sain Francis of Sales. He is a patron saint of journalist and writers. May his holy intercession before the Son of saint Joseph and Mary, the true son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, grant us an eloquent and sober inspiration, a sage demeanor, a beautiful expression, and a modest intention. That is the reason why I am not going to speak a lot. Others have spoken about our subject, which comprises all the forces that hell can summon nowadays for the re-building of the tower of Babel. And what they have said is accurate and crystal clear. The rest of us can profit from their syntheses and their denounces about the greater threat of our times against freedom, family, property, tradition, and society at large.

The tower of Babel and the great Reset. JCPT77

Glenn Beck has done a great job concerning the unmasking and unraveling of that threat. I introduce you to it by asking you what could be worst than socialism and its two main offshoots, communism and fascism, crony capitalism, globalism, public health justified dictatorship, transhumanism, climate change totalitarian ideology and ecologism, and social justice ideology?

The answer, at first sight, might sound like an outstretching of the imagination, but is indeed the reality we are facing up right now: It is a mixture of all the aforementioned existential threats to the free societies spawned by the European civilization; a kind of Leviathan, a Behemot comprising all the worst foes of Christianity and modern European liberal democracy.

Such a mixture is, in practice, a diabolical concoction of a social credit system, based on ESG management, within the framework of what the lunatics at Davos driving the babelian agenda of the World Economic Forum have called stakeholder capitalism. In order to impose such a nightmarish system upon all the world’s population, its proponents and promoters are engaged in what they call the Great Reset. Glenn Beck has explained what really is this world domination project, which is greatly advanced at this point thanks to the manipulation of the so-called pandemic by those who are part of the global elite, and are interested in confiscating the liberties and the wealth of the people around the world to reduce most of us into serfdom.

The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of 21st-Century Fascism. Blaze TV. Glenn Beck

Nothing of what Beck describes could have been possible without the “spiritual support”, moral acquiescence, and public endorsement of the incumbent Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, about whom it is told that the Italian freemasons were in absolute bliss when he was elevated unto the throne of Saint Peter the 13th march 2013, as a result of the conclave which had been summoned thanks to the strange premature abdication of Benedict XVI.

Michael Matt, among others spokespersons for traditional and true catholicism, has been following the steps of Bergoglio, tying the dots, and taking note of the facts that must be taken into account to understand the role the Vatican under Bergoglio has played during the deployment of the criminal, ungodly enterprise of the Great Reset:

UK CANCELS ALL COVID MANDATES (Globalist Pope Exposed). The Remnant Video. Michael Matt.

Although for the moment it seems that many politicians, CEOs and powerful individuals and groups are stepping back from their fast-paced folly of instituting the build back better agenda upon the whole world, Bergoglio is nonetheless adamant in his intention of destroying every trace of traditional catholicism, beginning with the Latin Mass. Fauci, and politicians like Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, and Alexander Schallenberg, Austria’s chancellor, make the same within the range of their powers to keep pushing the authoritarian agenda of Babilon upon the increasingly rebellious and unbelieving population of their countries and those who are under their sway. ¿What can we do before such apparently unbeatable odds? We must stand tall, go forward, and fight for our lives, for taking back what they have stolen to us until now,

2022: Taking It All Back!. U,S. Grace Force.

The battle is just beginning. Our local sense, our solidarity with our fellow citizens, our commitment to truth, our fasting and praying, our non-compliance with the dictates of the self-appointed masters of the world are necessary to keep alive our hope and our faith in God, who is the One who, at the end of all things, will put all his enemies in disarray, and will destroy, once more, their prideful tower built upon lies and genocide. Meanwhile, we must physically, mentally and spiritually workout and train ourselves in virtue and self-denial; we must beef-up and grow in strength and sanctity, in order to be able to put a fight and, going forward, shift into offensive mode to retrieve lost ground and claim it for Christ the King, under the banner of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Saint Francis of Sales, Pray for us.

Saint Francis of Sales. Protector of journalists and writers.

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